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website photo boxing 101Boxing 101

Never boxed before or new to Cappy’s? Boxing 101 should be your first class. Every other person in the class is new at this, too, so you’ll learn the ropes together. At the end of this hour-long class, you’ll be ready to join any boxing fitness class – and you’ll get a 15% discount on your first punch card or monthly pass!

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website photo sparring 2017Boxing Fitness

Boxing fitness is more than just exercise. Learn the basics of boxing while improving flexibility, mental focus, body awareness, confidence, coordination and posture. Best of all, every class is different, so you’ll face a new challenge every time you step in the gym. If you’ve never boxed before, we highly recommend you take Boxing 101 first.

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website photo sparring 2 2017Sparring Skills Classes

Take your boxing fitness skills to the next level as you test out your moves on a partner. Sparring is a great way to test and improve your footwork, reaction time and cover. This is a contact class, so you’ll be wearing head gear (provided) and will need your own mouth guard. Talk to any coach to purchase a mouth guard.

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website photo open gymOpen Gym

Your workout is completely up to you! We provide the three-minute rounds, and you decide what to do with them. Try out a few different punch combinations on the heavy bag, find a partner and work on mitts and gloves, or perfect your jump rope technique. Open gym is a special bonus for our monthly and punch card members.

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youth-180Youth Boxing

Our youth program for ages 8-17 teaches boxing fundamentals, provides a great workout and helps participants develop valuable life skills including self-discipline, mental focus and emotional regulation. We welcome youth of any skill and fitness level.

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personal-180Personal Coaching

Get even more out of your workout with personalized attention and extra accountability. One-on-one training with a Cappy’s coach will help you quickly improve your focus, footwork, stance and so much more. It’s also a great opportunity to learn modifications you can use in fitness class or take your workout to the next level if you’re training for something specific. 

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level upLevel Up Program

Tap your inner boxer with this customized three-month program that will take your workout to the next level. Through weekly one-on-one coaching, you’ll discover and practice boxing techniques, and increase stamina and power.  We’ll teach you skills to decrease self-doubt and other stressors through story mapping. Train your boxer body and mindset in the gym, and bring your boxer with you to handle tough everyday situations. Whether you’re looking to increase strength, focus, confidence, self-awareness or a combination of these, this personalized Level Up program can help.


website photo group workoutGroup Workouts

You gather the group, and we’ll give you a great workout. Cappy’s is happy to host private group workouts in our gym or on site at your facility. We’ve hosted workouts for bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, team-building events and family reunions. Contact Coach Ann to learn more about a customized workout for your group.

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