Cappy’s Boxing Gym in Seattle, WA is the boxing gym for you.

You don’t need athletic experience to begin working out at Cappy’s!

Throughout the workout you will learn how to pace yourself and how to work toward your goals. You will be encouraged to work at your own fitness level. If you are nervous about your first class, feel free to come down to the gym and observe a class beforehand.

At Cappy’s Boxing Gym we care about your physical, mental and emotional health. That is, after all, what boxing is all about: getting in the best shape of your life, strengthening your ability to focus and visualize your goals and learning to respond instead of react. And, when you learn to get as fit in life as you are in the ring, you will be well on your way to shaping the life you want.

Cappy’s is the real deal. I started boxing lessons two weeks ago, and this is by far the most amazing hour and a half workout I’ve ever endured, but it’s so much more than just a workout. You learn real technique, practice with all the right equipment, and spar with the right kind of people.

- Jonathan 

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