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What Is A Hamstring Post

hamstring chair

The hamstrings, the powerful muscles at the back of the thigh, are key to putting direction and impact to your punches.  In boxing, they are referred to as a Hamstring Post.  Visualize one of these standing assists, only with the post vertical VS at a slant.

hamstring chairVisualize there is one for each leg, and that the post sits directly underneath the butt muscle.  Visualize the punch rising up out of the feet, through the calf muscle which flows into the hamstring.  “Sit down” on the very top of the post.  Just like the Standing Assist, you can shift your weight to get different angles for your punches.

One reason the Hamstring Post contributes to punch direction and impact is that when you sit down on the punch you keep the punches from drifting through the hips and away from the body.  When your punches drift away from the body, you just have to haul them back in at some point, and this dissipates their power.

A good drill for lengthening and strengthening the hamstrings:

The Bridgebridge

  • Lay on floor
  • Place soles of feet on chair, fitball or bench
  • lift hips as high as you can
  • Hold 20 seconds
  • Lower
  • Continue X2 20

Focus on feeling where the muscles attach just below the butt.  Once you can feel this attachment, stand up, take your stance and sit down on this feeling, or post, for each punch delivered.

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