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Shadowboxing is how boxers practices their moves.  It’s a time of privately, inwardly checking into the body and feeling the moves VS thinking the moves.  Putting on the headphones is the best way to go!

Shadowboxing is a great way to warm up before your boxing fitness class.  Assume stance and cover, move forward, back left and right.  Change your angles, punch low and punch high, choose your angles.  The key to your shadowboxing is feeling VS thinking.  How does this work?

When developing and refining your moves, you do start by thinking about them.  You think about how to deliver each punch, what it means to use downward force for each movement.  You think about the details for good focus mitt work.  But, your shadowbox is the opportunity to practice feeling the moves.

The heavy bag or the focus mitts will not be stopping your punches.  You will be delivering punches in the air, so you want to feel the punches as if they are striking a target.  This would be  feeling the punches.

Practice striking a heavy bag.  Feel the force of your punches against the bag in your body.  Step away from the heavy bag and see if you  can attain the same effect when shadowboxing.  It helps to visualize the target you are striking, and to feel the result of the punches in your body.  Alternate between delivering your punches at the heavy bag and then in the air until they more and more resemble each other.

Choose an intent for your shadowbox.  For example, visualize a situation from everyday life that is frustrating for you.Stress And Frustration  If the frustrating situation had walls, knock them down, first.  Side step falling bricks, redirect others with short, chopping punches. Pop the ceiling off with uppercuts.  Reshape the frustrating situation with sizzling combinations that put together a different perspective.  Turn your frustration around!

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