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Seated Shadowboxing

seated shadowbox

Shadowboxing is your time to perfect your moves.  Seated shadowbox is a good way to keep the PB neutral while developing the communication between legs, torso and arms, the punch path route.  Another reason to practice seated shadowbox is to increase your active sitting.  Active sitting is engaging the body when sitting at your desk VS slumping at your desk.  You might as well get the most put out of your hours at the desk.  You can start with the Seated Chair Shadowbox Warm Up.


  • Sit (preferably a rolling/swivel chair.  A fitball is good but more advanced)
  • Select music that evokes strong emotion


  • Engage the feet – push toward center using the outsides / push away from center using the insides.  Feel the movement engage the legs inside and outside all the way to the knees
  • Step up on ball and toes.  Feel the front of the legs engage
  • Pull back through the heels toward chair.  Feel the backs of the legs engage
  • Anchor the left toe and reach as far as you can to the right, engaging a transverse body movement.  Same with other side

Mark your range with hooks

  • Anchor, reach and deliver a hook at the furthest point

Engage back

  • Chicken Wing Ratchet for lengthening and engaging back.  Assume air bench press position, elbows out to the side, upper arms parallel to floor, fists facing forward with 90 degree elbow bend.   Lift elbows to notches, visualizing the upper back lengthening.;  Five shallow air bench presses forward.  Again, lengthening and strengthen the middle back and finally the lower back.  Now you have a long, strong back to punch from

Establish punch arcs

  • Using a medicine ball or visualizing holding one, use engaged legs and back to deliver as many punch arcs as you can.  All the way from the floor to the ceiling. Deliver the arc of digs, hooks, downward hooks, straights, up straights.  Be as big as you can with the movements.  In the gym you do this drill, either chopping the medicine ball in a downward manner or finding all the angles you can on the heavy bag.  It’s good to warm up compressing a medicine ball – it gets the arms to work together

Fill the space with punches

Add all your punches, focusing on maintaining all body engagement.

Shadowbox story

  • Follow your music, express the strong emotion it evokes in you.  Angry music tends to be expressed in power punches, sad music is slower, more tender; choose music that builds to an outcome, or helps you unfold and let go.

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