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Hold and Extensions Policy

If you have purchased a block (5,10, or Unlimited) of Classes but find yourself unable to attend, it may be possible for you to temporarily suspend your membership. Check the categories below to see if you qualify. 

Illness Hold Policy
You may place a Hold on your purchased Fitness Classes or Sparring Classes due to injury or extended illness.  Your hold will begin when you notify us via email (please include a doctor’s note) at margaret@cappysgym.com and will remain in effect until the date signified by your doctor’s note.  Your account can remain on hold for a maximum of six months.  We are unable to back-date medical leaves.  When you return to the gym, you have the following options:

Option 1: Exchange your remaining Classes for reduced price Rehab Personal Coaching sessions to help you transition back to full workouts.  For instance, if you have 4 Classes remaining, you can exchange them for one 1-hour Personal Coaching session (email Margaret@cappysgym.com to schedule)

Option 2:  reactivate your Classes when you return (your expiration date will be adjusted to reflect your time away)

Non-medical Hold Policy
Gym members in good standing may place a temporary Hold on purchased Fitness Classes or Sparring Classes for some non-medical reasons (Active Duty Military Transfer or Extended Volunteer Assignment, Temporary Employment Transfer, emergency travel, etc).  Notify margaret@cappysgym.com as soon as possible with your hold request.  You may be asked to provide proof (copy of transfer, deployment or extended volunteer assignment orders, verification from employer, etc.)

Vacation Hold Policy
Gym members in good standing with 3, 6 or 12 Month Unlimited Fitness or Unlimited Fitness & Sparring Class blocks may place a temporary Vacation Hold on their sessions for up to two months.  A $25 administration fee will be charged.  Notify margaret@cappysgym.com at least 7 days in advance in order to set up a Vacation Hold.  We are unable to backdate Vacation Holds.

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