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Guest Blog: Behind the Scenes with Cappy’s Office Manager Vanessa













Six years ago, Vanessa went to a job interview unlike any other.  “They wanted to know if I could think conceptually, and if I was interested in delving into introspective thinking.  It was a lot less about what software I could use and more about how I thought about things.”

This was a refreshing change of pace for Vanessa, who had moved to Seattle from Louisiana, and was holding out for a different kind of job.  “I was on a mission to find a job that wasn’t just a place where I went and fulfilled a role – I wanted a place where I could be myself.”  After that interview, it was clear she was in the right place, and became the new Office Manager at Cappy’s Boxing Gym.

In addition to the traditional tasks of Office Manager such as financials, bookkeeping, and administration, Cappy’s philosophy has sent Vanessa on a journey of self-awareness, personal growth, and intensive team building.   “Throughout the time I’ve been here, I’m not just making sure the bills are paid, it’s also about the energy I put into that, and how I interact with other employees.  Part of the expectation is that I know what’s going on with my coworkers.”

Cappy Kotz, the owner, believes whatever challenges each employee is going through will affect the overall ecosystem of the business, and by extension, the community they belong to.  “Cappy believes it’s important to consciously participate with our clients and our community, as well as focus on the tensegrity of a team (the idea that everyone is part of a larger system, and if you take one part out, there’s going to be an effect).”

Part of that support is having regularly weekly check ins with each other, which can be challenging since the team isn’t often in the same space.  Through email, project management software, and tons of communication, the Cappy’s team stays connected.  “In a lot of office settings, people shut down when they’re having a challenge, or dealing with procrastination.  Most jobs are so competitive we don’t talk about those things, or admit when we mess up, because there’s this fear we’ll be passed over.  It’s built into our culture.  At Cappy’s, we don’t let that stuff go, we bring it to the table so the team knows the challenges, and can support each other.”

The most challenging part of Vanessa’s job is not the nuts and bolts of managerial work, it’s about what’s going on inside of her.  “It’s not like any other admin job, it’s a lot more about being open and aware, and being willing to take on new challenges.  This job has definitely changed me.  I’ve always been a person that is introspective, but there’s a ceiling when you’re by yourself.  If we’re limited in scope, we’re not going to grow.  The biggest challenge is being open, and willing to see other perspectives.  That’s where you’ll grow.”

Vanessa has watched this philosophy in action over the last six years, and has seen the results in Cappy’s growth as a company.  “Our team is getting bigger, that’s the direction we’re heading in, bringing new energy into the business.  We’ve also really ramped up our professionalism.  We’ve grown from a small business model to a larger scale professional gym, from our scheduling software to automatic renewals for memberships – we’ve stepped up the game, which has made us more efficient.”

After six rewarding years at Cappy’s, Vanessa still finds passion in her job, and is looking forward to many more years of personal and professional growth.

For more information on how to get involved at Cappy’s, or to schedule with a coach contact cap@cappysgym.com.

Erin Verginia is a Seattle-based writer whose work is found in the courageous jungle of independent magazines and numerous online publications.  Her current projects include Tanglewilde (a travel blog), as well as The Associate Voice, a subset of ArtsFund.


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