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Going Back To the Basics

basics quoteWhen fitness boxers assume their stance and cover, they claim their territory.  It’s a way of standing up for yourself.  You show up to get your punching on, and that’s exactly what you do!

Live the life you want! Your journey starts with Cappy’s Boxing Gym, where the basics matter.  For example, a boxer’s stance. A fitness boxer takes a stance based on their dominant hand:  that’s the strong hand, the power, the tough guy of the two hands.  Think of the right hand as always loaded and ready to go.  If you are right handed, the left foot steps forward and the left hand becomes the forward hand, or the jab.  It might seem backwards to lead with your less dominant hand.  Shouldn’t you put your strongest hand forward?  Wouldn’t we all rather just stick with our strengths? Sure, but when you take a journey, there will always be unknown elements.  Fitness boxers assume the less dominant hand forward stance, thus learning more about their weaker side and how to strengthen it.  The dominant hand, or the powerhand, is a reminder that the confident self is forever with you, no matter how rough the journey might get.

Still, you gotta keep your hands up.  Most people think this means shrugging the shoulders.  It doesn’t.  By opening up the back, elongating the lats, the shoulders are lifted up like on top of a fountain.  Most people walk around compressed by forward rolling shoulders, which rounds the back, makes you feel small and not very confident.

To elongate the lats, the big back muscles, stand in a doorway.  Touch your fingertips or hands to the top of the doorway. Move the torso and hips forward and back like doing the wave at a football game.  You are looking for signs of tension & tightness.  When you find them, slow down.  Isolate the pocket of tension and gently get the wave to get through it.  Test your outcome by delivering 10 straights.  Does your 3 PT Cover feel a bit more comfortable?



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