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Erin Verginia, Cappy’s Intern, Speaks Up


Erin Verginia was born and raised in Seattle.  A single parent, she raised her daughter here.  Then, two years ago, when her daughter went on to college, Erin became an empty nester. For the first time in her adult life she saw herself as a person VS a parent.  She took a closer look at her life and realized she didn’t want to work for others’ dreams.  She wanted to pursue her own dreams.  She designed a tough two year escape-from-the-workplace plan of paring expenses and saving money, and faced fears of going against social expectations and failure.

At this time she found Cappy’s.  She knew it was important to strengthen her mental, physical and emotional connection.  Cappy’s provided a friendly environment where she could train at her own level.  She particularly liked the circuit workout.  Every time she took a class she learned a little bit more of all the fundamental boxing techniques.

At the end of her two year escape plan, Erin left her full time job and focused on her freelance writing.  She admits it was a scary time.  But, the pain of being trapped was worse than the pain of blossoming, and she hung in there.  When she learned that Cappy’s was seeking an intern, she was quick to accept.

Erin says, “Taking this intern position has really tested me.  I’ve had to dive into a new world.”

Erin is bringing her skills to help write Cappy’s story in a new way.  First some fundamental website changes were addressed, then she launched into a series of interviews with the competitive boxers and coaches.  Each interview  was used to capture an aspect of Cappy’s, and shaped into a blog.

Erin explains, “I go into each interview with an angle in mind.  Everyone has a story to tell, and the story is revealed as the interview progresses.  And the story I end up writing is not necessarily the original angle I had in mind.”

When asked what she has learned, she replies, “My experience at Cappy’s was really eye-opening.  When I first learned I’d be interviewing boxers, I kind of panicked; what would I ask them?  What are boxers like??  As it turns out, the interviews flowed very naturally, and I had more in common with them than I expected.  As is usually the case, people are just people, and we all have a common thread, be it overcoming fears, dealing with personal challenges, whatever part of the human condition we’re currently living out – boxers are no different.

What really impressed me during my three months at Cappy’s is how exactly on the same page everyone is.  From the newest member of the CBC to every single coach, all the way up to Cappy himself, the mission statement is supported and honored at every turn.  They all truly believe in the concept of boxing leading to healing, emotionally, physically or spiritually, and it’s evident in everything they do.  I’m excited to see where my future involvement with Cappy’s will lead in that respect, as I have my own healing to do.

I’m so honored to have been part of this awesome internship.  It improved my writing abilities, refined my interviewing skills, and allowed me to face new fears and challenges (which in turn made me stronger).  I’m really excited to part of this great organization who is doing meaningful work for our community, and ourselves!

I didn’t know the depth of how Cappy’s approaches boxing.  The boxers are really on a self reflection journey.  They  are growing in ways they hadn’t necessarily expected.  They are conquering fear and developing a sense of aloneness within community, realizing the importance of both.”

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