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Developing A Shadowbox Story


Boxing, from training to shadowboxing to getting in the ring, is all about building from the ground up. First you learn to stack the body: feet, ankles, knees, pelvic bowl, shoulder girdle, neck and head in line with the spine. They all work together. The weight is shifted by pushing down against the floor. This subtle movement initiates footwork and is the foundation of the punch delivered through the arms. Refine your strike efficiency and power by working the heavy bag and focus mitts. Develop your reflexes with the speed bag and double end bag. When you are ready to test your skills, focus on developing your shadowbox.

Use your boxer’s shuffle, a two footed movement forward, back, left, right, as a foundation. When you move forward you move in and engage. When you move back you give some room or take some space. Moving left and right sets up punches from different perspective. Next, you are ready to fill in the story.

Weighed Down
Everyone feels weighed down from time to time

  • Add some V Dips (developed with slip line)
  • Sink down and come up on the other side.

There are always obstacles in the path

  • Rapid fire punches to clear the path
  • Bob and weave (a version of V Dips, but use a U shaped rolling movement)

Every freeze up?  Not sure what to say or do?

  • Use your freeze as a rhythm change
  • Use your freeze to put someone off their rhythm

This is when you want to check out, leave a situation

  • Move to the end of the fade-away and return with a slingshot effect – power punch
  • Move to the end of the fade-away and return with a bob and weave

A shadowbox is a story.  You step into the ring.  Establish your rhythm.  Intentionally move for effect.  Layer your punches on.  Sprinkle in challenges to handle.  Don’t forget your music!  Music sets the tone,


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