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Conquer a Large Project by Defeating its Smaller Parts

cleaninghouseFrom time to time we all are faced with seemingly daunting and challenging tasks. These large tasks can easily be put off because they seem overwhelming.  Coach Mike, Cappy’s Boxing Gym,  suggests that when one of these tasks present themselves, the most efficient way to tackle them is to take small steps, or complete a task in small increments.

Let’s take an example from everyday life and one from boxing life.  Clean the house, defeat your opponent.  At the boxing gym, we break up the task of defeating an opponent in the ring into learning different punches, the different components of different punches, different punch combinations, fitness regimens, sparring skills, etc.  Practice and repetitious training get the job done.

The same applies to something like cleaning the house.  We can break up the task by cutting it up into different rooms, having different tasks that need to be done for each room, or even dividing the room into smaller quadrants and then tackling those one at a time.  Suddenly a daunting task simply becomes a step by step process.

We even practice this at the gym outside of boxing, where cleaning the gym and doing gym maintenance are all broken down into checklists.  Suddenly, cleaning the gym becomes: pick up the towels off the floor, sweep the floor, wipe down the mirrors, etc.  An easy to follow, step by step list of things that need to be done.

As the old adage goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The next time you have a task you have been putting off, try dividing it up into steps with a checklist and see how much easier it can feel to get it done. Every step you check off is like a punch you land, until you finally knock your task out.

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