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Sparring Skills Classes

Sparring is a dialogue between two people, and, ultimately, with yourself. It is fun when you are learning, and when you and your sparring partner safely challenge each other to greater levels of skill.

These classes are thirty minutes in length. Clients are required to have a mouth guard to participate–these are available for purchase in the Gym for $5.┬áMost people take the boxing Fitness Class and follow up with the thirty minute Sparring Skill Class. ┬áThis makes for a dynamite hour and a half workout!

You choose which of the following Sparring Skills you want to focus on:

  • Begin with non-contact Drills – Perfect your footwork, range and strengthen your cover.
  • Basic Defense Drill – Block, Parry, Slip Straights, Block, Duck and Rockaway Hooks.
  • Counterpunch Drills, beginning with Focus Mitts – Establish timing to turn reaction into response.
  • Move and Punch Drills – Deliver punches at Sparring Partner with light contact.
  • Move with Defense Drills – Receive punch compression and feints
  • Sparring – Advance to light sparring and progress at your own pace to all punches in the ring.


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