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Boxing Fitness

Boxing Fitness Classes improve Strength, Flexibility, Endurance  and Mental Focus.  These classes are non-contact. People of all fitness levels are welcome at Cappy’s, and no experience is necessary to enjoy this all-body, stress-releasing, confidence-boosting workout.  Whether you are used to working out, have gotten away from the habit, or this is your first workout ever, the Coaches will work with you to increase your fitness level.

In the Boxing Fitness Class you will:

  • Jump rope: It is not as easy as it might seem! Most everyone finds jumping rope challenging at first. You’ll get better at it. It’s an excellent, rewarding exercise.
  • Get in shape: In addition to Jump Rope, you’ll do Medicine Ball drills, plyometric exercises, punching and footwork drills to give you greater stamina, muscle tone and lean muscle mass.  You’ll increase your energy, flexibility, strength and coordination.
  • Assume and maintain correct posture: Proper alignment is essential for boxing. You will learn to line up your muscles correctly in the gym, which will increase your  body-awareness in everyday life.
  • Punch at a target: Punching a heavy bag or  focus mitts is great fun, an excellent all-body workout and a good way to release pent-up emotion or stress.
  • Hit the speed bag: This is an exercise in rhythm and coordination. It’s challenging at first, but it gets better and better!
  • Learn how to achieve personal goals: When you work out you learn how to set goals and achieve them. This knowledge carries over into everyday life.


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