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Cappy’s Boxers and the Owners of Mamnoon


By Cappy Kotz

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cappy’s boxers, Racha and Wassef Haroun.  Wassef started training at Cappy’s first, in 2010. Racha has been consistently training for two years.  Their personal coach, Coach Mike, was also present at the interview.

When I asked Racha how her boxing training has affected her personal life, she replied, “It has been a challenge, knowing I can do this at my age.  It’s great being in shape, getting strong.  Boxing teaches you patience, how to focus, to wait for the strength instead of rushing ahead to make it happen.”  She added that her biking, running and swimming have gotten a lot stronger through the cross training focus, and she has found that boxing, in some ways, has replaced yoga.

Wassef spoke of the importance of consistent workouts, to have a solid base of incremental development.  “Boxing is a very complex sport,” Wassef said.  “It’s strenuous, demands an all body response and takes you places other sports don’t.”  He elaborated on how his workouts help him stay grounded in a fast paced, high pressure lifestyle.

In 2012, Wassef and Racha opened Mamnoon.  website I had the opportunity a few years back to sample Mamnoon’s blend of community, diverse culture and food.  Exquisite!  Wassef and Racha expounded on the importance of the restaurant, which opened the same year the war in Syria started.  Racha and Wassef are from Syria, and they are 100% committed to providing humanitarian  outreach for the torn country.  They are concerned with Syria’s future, in particular the children in refugee camps. They host fundraisers as one way of support, but, more important, they have provided, through Mamnoon , a place where the Syrian culture is not only shown for all of it’s beauty, complex and rich foods, but is opened up and welcomes a diverse community in a celebration of people coming together to grow and enjoy.

Racha pointed out that she has gained personal confidence from her training at Cappy’s, to have courage instead of doubt, and seeing the diversity at Cappys and Mamnoon gives her hope for the future.  Certainly the two businesses have a lot in common, most notably a passion for self betterment and sitting / training side by side to share the experience of personal growth.

Perhaps Racha and Wassef’s daughter, Roya,  says it best in her drawing.  FullSizeRender(4)


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