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Bill True, Cappy’s Boxer & Wise Man


By Cappy Kotz

Bill True has been training at Cappy’s since 2008.  He has worked closely with Coach Mike to develop physical. mental and emotional strength and apply his training to the kinds of challenges he meets on a day to day basis.  I asked him if he would be willing to be interviewed about this experience.  He agreed.  The day of the interview, I said, “This is not a typical interview in which we sit, I ask you a series of questions that you answer.”  I have interviewed Bill numerous times in the past about his training, personal growth and the various ways he has graciously supported Cappy’s.

“Let’s walk,” I told him, after I explained the interview would be a different kind.  I pointed out to him that Coach Mike, present for the interview, was focusing on his walking methods, too.  I reviewed the heel to toe method of walking that Cappy’s recommends, and with small finger adjustments, cued Bill into aligning his body for the most efficient  outcome.

Asking we pause, I said, “On an average day what is your stress level, based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being mild and 10 being extreme?”  Bill replied, “3.”

“What is your favorite method of calming self down when stress hits?”  I asked.  Bill said that he meditates and, using his hands, demonstrated  a head down centering that involved taking a deep breath.

“Which punch or combination does your stress most resemble?”  The answer was a definitive 1-2.  Jab, powerhand.

We walked some more.  I focused on pushing down through the inside of my right foot since my right foot prefers to swing away from the body with every stride.  “On an average day,” I said, “what percentage do you walk?”   Turns out, Bill strives for 10,000 steps a day.  Good to know.  10,000 steps means 10,000 repetitions to perfect and shape experience.

We moved on to the sitting portion of the interview.  Bill said he sits, on an average day, 65%.   We decided to focus on the driving aspect of the sitting percentage.  Coach Mike stood in front of Bill with an orange ring in his hands.  This became the steering wheel. I placed a white half foam roller under his foot to simulate the gas pedal.  When you grip the steering wheel, pull slightly toward your body to simulate taking your boxing cover, elbows in, triceps engaged.  Press down on the half foam roller to engage the downward force up to the leg socket. Clearly, light bulbs were going off for Bill – new ways to use the driving time.  Fortunately, Bill does not get pulled into road rage – when asked if I did, I admitted I can get agitated, use cuss words to yell at other drivers.  Bill was able to smoothly engage toward his core, instead.

The interview wrapped up with a biceps forward assessment. Picking up everyday items with the biceps facing forward is no small challenge!  Bill, true to his training, got inspired to hack the challenge.  He is an inspiring guy!

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