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Access Granted


By Coach Casey


I have a recurring dream. I’m standing in a long industrial hallway. The floor and walls feel like plastic, but are cold as stone. All the doors look the same. There are no signs or markings anywhere. I don’t know why I’m in the hallway, or what I’m supposed to do. Every door is locked. I reach for a door handle. It melts away when I touch it. Sometimes, I break a door down. When I do, the dream ends. Other times, I ignore the doors and explore the corridor. But the hallway is endless, and the dream eventually ends.


The appearance of hallways and doors in our dreams can have many meanings. Of course, any dream is quite personal, and so too its meaning. What does my dream mean? It is always a short dream. Whether I choose to explore the doors and open them by force, or ignore them altogether, the result is the end of the dream. It doesn’t seem to mean anything. But if my dream doesn’t mean anything, why do I keep revisiting it?


Could the dream ever end differently? Was there a different way to tell the story?


I decided to bring my training in self awareness to the matter. I began my work in the gym. During my workouts at Cappy’s, I’d envision that the heavy bag circuit was my hallway. Every station I visited, was a door that I opened. The different boxing drills that I visited each round became the discoveries behind my doors. In this way, I would use my waking life to practice successfully opening my doors, visiting each room, and safely leaving at the end of the round.


At Cappy’s, I’ve also been taught drills that I can practice beyond the gym, in my everyday life. We call this “Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle.” I had to do something about the melting door handles in my dream. During my daily routine, I would pause at each physical doorway I opened and entered. I paid attention to the handle. What did it feel like? I mentally noted its weight and texture, the gentle click of the tumblers as the handle turned. My hope was, if I practiced (with awareness) the physical act of successfully opening and entering doors in my waking life, that information would carry over into my dream. After all, dreams live in the body as well as the mind.


For a while, the pattern of my dream remained the same.  Eventually my dream changed.

Stay tuned for my next blog, to find out what happens!

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