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Cappy’s Team Profiles


MikeMike was born and raised in the Midwest with Midwest values, but considers Seattle his home.  He grew up living a very physical life, wrestling with his brothers, baling hay and being a lifeguard. He has worked in the customer service industry most of his life, most notably as a pawn shop manager and as a facility supervisor at the West Seattle YMCA.  He started coaching at Cappy’s in 2006.  He is a father to an incredible daughter. When he’s not at the gym he typically is working on his trucks or taking them off road.

“The training that I have gone through at Cappys, has been some of the best and toughest challenges I have been through. Tough due to the fact that it’s mostly Self Awareness Training. Self Awareness is challenging. I have learned and am still learning about my patterns in life and how they affect me and others. “

Coach Strengths: Strengthening, Conditioning, Pushing people to their personal best


MargaretMargaret is a Seattle native who learned early in life that hard work could be both rewarding and fun (“Thanks, Dad!”)  Previous careers as a puppeteer and a chocolatier honed her creativity and knowledge of functional movement, body alignment and dealing with injury/illness, skills she puts to use in her specialties of Group Workouts (Fitness Classes, Family Workouts, Sports Team Cross-training, Corporate Workouts, etc.) and Personal Coaching.

“I came to Cappy’s as a boxer first.  In the 4 years I trained before I began coaching, I saw firsthand (and experienced personally) that this gym HELPS people:  helps them find their power, deal with heartache, learn about themselves….  In choosing coaching at Cappy’s as a career, I chose to be an active part of that, to be a part of that community.  The Coach Training is rigorous and ongoing and rewarding.  Boxing Training = Training for the challenges in your life!”

Coach Strengths:  10 years of experience, Injury and Illness Modifications, Functional Movement Strengthening


AnnAnn grew up on a farm, running in the orchards, playing in irrigation ditches and pretending to be a ninja. At 12, she asked for her first heavy bag.

As an adult, Ann felt that her Hero’s Journey was leading her back to the Fighting Arts and the dreams of her childhood. Working as a Coach at Cappy’s has meant a chance to live the life of a dedicated martial artist both inside and outside of the Ring.

“I believe we all want to become more authentic.  A good Coach is prepared to help others make sense of the challenges they encounter.”

Coach Strengths: Boxing strategy, Sport Philosophy, Cross Training


JasonJason spent his formative years in the Midwest, surrounded by cornfields. After college at Michigan State, he taught English in Vietnam, worked film production jobs and managed an art house cinema in New York, then eventually made his way to the arts community of Seattle. A late-comer to boxing, he first donned gloves in 2012 to prove a point to a friend and hasn’t looked back. Whether in the farm lands of Michigan, bustling streets of Saigon, or in the ring at Cappy’s, Jason meets challenges head-on and welcomes the opportunity to swap stories and punches with you. Let’s dance!

“You’re capable of more than you think. I’m here to help you see that. Hard work always pays off in the end.”

Coach Strengths: Sense of humor, Pushing clients to work harder than they think they can



Ellie started coming to Cappy’s at age 13 as a youth boxer, and completed a Cappy’s internship before training to become a coach. She works with both youth and adults. Boxing at Cappy’s helped her build strong mental, physical and emotional connections within herself, and she loves to pass that opportunity for growth along to her clients. Ellie loves taking photos, and is the eye behind the great shots in many of Cappy’s social media posts.

“I love pushing everyone to their limits.”

Coach Strengths: Making clients sweat, guided drills, mental and emotional challenges

ARA JANE OLUFSON, Coach & Office Manager

Ara JaneAra Jane was part of the Cappy’s community for 10 years before she accepted the role of office manager and, several months later, joined the team as a coach. Working for a business she’s passionate about is important to her, and she says she feels lucky to be part of the awesome team at Cappy’s. Before Cappy’s she practiced and taught acupuncture and enjoys finding ways to integrate her past experience with body energetics and boxing skills. As a parent to two girls she hopes to inspire them to be strong both physically and mentally, something she has learned is required in life and in the ring.

“Any class that ends with everyone laughing and smiling while sweat drips off their faces makes me feel like it was a success.”

Coach Strengths: Boxing fundamentals, body mechanics


LynnaAt the age of 16, Lynna felt she had a lot to prove to herself and so she took up boxing. Seven years later Lynna started coaching at Cappy’s because it was the natural progression from all the roles she’s held at the gym: from youth/fitness/recreational boxer, intern, and assistant coach. She feels that her work with other boxers helps her refine her own skills and develop her boxing IQ. In her off time Lynna is an aunt to young children and pups.

“All of my gym training has helped me with practicing patience and mental toughness in frustrating and tiring times.”

Coach Strengths: Sparring skills, focus mitts


SeanSean started boxing at Cappy’s in 2016 as a way to challenge himself with a new skill and to get in better shape. He began Cappy’s coach training program in 2018 as a way to improve his own boxing skills and joined the coaching staff because he felt the drive to help others get into shape, too. Outside of the gym Sean enjoys playing poker and applies his experience learning about the psychology that goes into boxing to look for the patterns in people and how to counter them.

“I love to teach people determination and putting in the work to reach their goals.”

Coach Strengths: Meeting clients at their skill level, cardio conditioning

DAVON EVANS, Maintenance Coordinator

DavonDavon Evans, or Devo, as many call him, was born and raised in Seattle.  In his life he has struggled, learned, sought answers and found them.  He is a neighborhood legend, played all kinds of sports, worked in carpentry, construction, as an organizational planner, is a long time motorcycle enthusiast, and happily married.  Devo started working for Cappy’s Spring of 2012.

“Working at Cappy’s has taught me a lot. Learning how to work around the Coaches and their Private Clients has been really rewarding.  I like working at Cappy’s, lots of great people come here.”

Gym Maintenance Strengths: Creates clean, safe community space, genuine welcoming warmth, Behind the scenes manager

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