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Cappy’s Team Profiles

 CAP KOTZ, Owner

CapCap was born in Montana, and moved to the Northwest when he was six.  Growing up on a farm instilled in him a strong work ethic and knowledge of tools and efficient movement.

Cap has also studied acting and writing, which helped him take on the creative challenges of running a small business.  He says, “Cappy’s Boxing Gym has been the best thing that ever happened to to me!

I love training, always have.  I love the discipline, the courage, the testing, integration and passing my skills on to others.  I felt it was time to open a gym based on what I knew and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Coach Strengths:  Intuitive, Life Coaching Guide, Emotional and Physical Pattern Release


MargaretMargaret is a Seattle native who learned early in life that hard work could be both rewarding and fun (“Thanks, Dad!”)  Previous careers as a puppeteer and a chocolatier honed her creativity and knowledge of functional movement, body alignment and dealing with injury/illness, skills she puts to use in her specialties of Group Workouts (Fitness Classes, Family Workouts, Sports Team Cross-training, Corporate Workouts, etc.) and Personal Coaching.

“I came to Cappy’s as a boxer first.  In the 4 years I trained before I began coaching, I saw firsthand (and experienced personally) that this gym HELPS people:  helps them find their power, deal with heartache, learn about themselves….  In choosing coaching at Cappy’s as a career, I chose to be an active part of that, to be a part of that community.  The Coach Training is rigorous and ongoing and rewarding.  Boxing Training = Training for the challenges in your life!”

Coach Strengths:  10 years of experience, Injury and Illness Modifications, Functional Movement Strengthening


MikeMike was born and raised in the Midwest with Midwest values, but considers Seattle his home.  He grew up living a very physical life, wrestling with his brothers, baling hay and being a lifeguard. He has worked in the customer service industry most of his life, most notably as a pawn shop manager and as a facility supervisor at the West Seattle YMCA.  He started coaching at Cappy’s in 2006.  He is a father to an incredible daughter who recently turned 17. When he’s not at the gym he typically is working on his trucks or taking them off road.

“The training that I have gone through at Cappys, has been some of the best and toughest challenges I have been through. Tough due to the fact that it’s mostly Self Awareness Training. Self Awareness is challenging. I have learned and am still learning about my patterns in life and how they affect me and others. “

Coach Strengths: Strengthening, Conditioning, pushing people to their Personal Best


AnnAnn grew up on a farm, running in the orchards, playing in irrigation ditches and pretending to be a ninja. At 12, she asked for her first heavy bag.

As an adult, Ann felt that her Hero’s Journey was leading her back to the Fighting Arts and the dreams of her childhood. Working as a Coach at Cappy’s has meant a chance to live the life of a dedicated martial artist both inside and outside of the Ring.

“I believe we all want to become more authentic.  A good Coach is prepared to help others make sense of the challenges they encounter.”

Coach Strengths: Boxing strategy, Sport Philosophy, Cross Training


CaseyCasey was born in Long Beach, CA and raised in Southern Oregon. He attended Southern Oregon University at age 23. He has worked in child care, as a performer and tour guide, before being certified by the National Personal Training institute. He joined Cappy’s as a client in 2009. He lost 65lbs in 8 months before decided to pursue a career in fitness. He saw at Cappy’s how transformative training could be for a person’s whole life. The Coach Training Program at Cappy’s has been the most rewarding investment he has made.

“At Cappy’s my interpersonal communication has improved, I’ve become a better listener and that has made my relationships stronger.  I’ve learned how to feel and understand my body in many meaningful ways”

Coach Strengths:  Focus Mitt expert, Sparring Fundamentals, Fueling for Performance

DAVON EVANS, Maintenance Coordinator

DavonDavon Evans, or Devo, as many call him, was born and raised in Seattle.  In his life he has struggled, learned, sought answers and found them.  He is a neighborhood legend, played all kinds of sports, worked in carpentry, construction, as an organizational planner, is a long time motorcycle enthusiast, and happily married.  Devo started working for Cappy’s Spring of 2012.

“Working at Cappy’s has taught me a lot. Learning how to work around the Coaches and their Private Clients has been really rewarding.  I like working at Cappy’s, lots of great people come here.”

Gym Maintenance Strengths: Creates clean, safe community space, genuine welcoming warmth, Behind the Scenes Manager

PT pic

PT grew up in the Midwest with seven rambunctious siblings who entertained themselves by inventing games. The best games combined physical one-up-manship with mental agility, a dash of ridiculousness, and some sense of physical danger (“Rug Burn” is still a family favorite at the holidays).  When PT found boxing, it was a natural fit!

Cappy’s became PT’s Seattle community in a city that otherwise felt isolating.  Working out at Cappy’s put PT on a path of personal healing and self-discovery.  As a coach, PT is excited to work with boxers to unlock their authentic selves and add flair to their workouts!

“Cappy’s has shown me that boxing is a physical, mental and emotional sport.  Boxing skills transfer to my everyday life, and the life of my clients!”

Coach Strengths: Boxing Life Skills, Jump Rope Tricks, Sparring 101

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