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Cappy’s History

In October 1999, Cappy Kotz started Cappy’s Boxing Gym in Seattle’s Central District. He had just a few heavy bags and a mission to provide “Boxing for Everyone.” In 2018 Cap retired and Coach Mike, after 13 years of guidance from Cap, took over ownership. Today, we continue to provide our community with diverse, challenging but fun workouts by a highly skilled coaching staff.

Though we are well-known for our awesome workouts, people who come to the gym get more than just in good “shape” on the outside. That is part of what separates training in boxing from many other sports. Whether your “opponent” is a heavy bag, focus mitt, sparring partner or you are shadowboxing, you will learn a lot about yourself from your workouts here. Our coaching staff is trained to help you use the work you are doing on the bags to get to the next level with your life. It’s not woo woo, yoga or mysterious. It’s proper alignment, improved mental and physical strength and greater awareness of self and others.

If you are interested in transforming physically or emotionally, you simply can’t go it alone. And at Cappy’s, you won’t have to. We are serious about our community vibe. The coaching staff is friendly and helpful but it’s the other boxers who work out at Cappy’s that make it so many people’s go-to when they are needing a shot of positive energy. As a new person, you’ll learn from your coaches and from boxers who have been around. As you advance in your skills and ability, you’ll get a chance to pass those along to people who are just starting out. That’s old school boxing.


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