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7 simple hacks to develop a morning routine that will set the mood for the whole day

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A meaningful morning routine will make you successful and confident. You will have a lot of time for other activities throughout the day as your motivation and energy will be high, and you will have more time.  Here are some simple hacks that will help you develop a highly rewarding morning routine.

1- Stretch in the morning

One of the best ways to start your morning is to stretch. Stretching every day keeps your muscles free from stress, promotes joint flexibility, keeps you physically fit and motivates you to work out.  Stretch your arms overhead, touch your toes, twist the body side to side and arch your upper body backwards to start with.

2- Do some push-ups

Push-ups are one of those exercises that can set your mornings on the right track. They deliver a bio-feedback to your body that tells it that it’s time to get up, similar to what a loud noise that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

When you include push-ups in your morning routine, you tell your body that it’s time to do something. If you want to take the maximum benefit from this exercise, do as many push-ups as you can in one go. Then take a breather and repeat twice..

3- Don’t wait for the motivation to come

If you are always finding excuses to miss your morning routine, you will probably never stick to it in the long-term. You will rarely find motivation to go through the rituals that you know offer healthy rewards and set your mood for the whole day.

The best way to tackle this situation is to stop waiting for the miracles to happen. Motivation will not come until you push yourself. Once you start your morning routine, the motivation will naturally come. As you will complete one ritual, you will find enormous motivation to go through the whole routine.

4- Eat a healthy breakfast

No one can deny the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. It gives you a boost of essential nutrients and energy that you use throughout the day to perform tasks at your full potential.

Eating a healthy breakfast is great for your mind. This morning ritual will improve your mood, reduce stress and improves your focus. You will feel great throughout the day.

5- Drink lemon water early in the morning

Drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water in the morning. Lemon water improves your digestive and other internal body systems and prepares your stomach to deal with the food that you are going to eat throughout the day.

To prepare lemon water, take a glass of lukewarm water and add a few drops of lemon in it. Stir it a little and drink while it’s warm.

6- Take out some time to listen to uplifting music

When you want to add more positive energy in life and start your day with higher levels of motivation, music could be the way. Listening to uplifting and motivational music in the morning can boost your mood and improve your confidence. As a result, you will be happy and like whatever you do throughout the day.

7- Meditate before you start your to-do list

Meditate for a few minutes every day. Find a peaceful and a happy place where you can concentrate. It could be a rooftop or a quiet corner in your home.

When you meditate, your mind clears all the useless and harmful thoughts and focuses only on important and positive things. As a result, you feel great. You start the day with an uplifting mood and a clear mind.

To meditate, you need only a few minutes. You don’t have to follow any traditional meditation technique, and you don’t need to master the lotus position. To get the benefits of meditation, you only need to spend a few minutes of high concentration. It might take more than a few minutes when you meditate for the first few times, but you will learn how to focus quickly as you practice meditation.

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